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We Are
Wilder Living

Women-owned local business


Supporting us means supporting women, innovation, inclusivity, and a future where the sky's the limit.

Wilder Living was born out of a desire to bring natural products into everyday life. Our mission is to provide naturally inspired products for you and your home. After years of working in the spa industry, Dani was inspired to launch a line of hand scrubs that combine her love for essential oils and self-care. Now the whole family is involved in developing products and experiences that truly personify Wilder Living.


Nyah leads marketing and all things creative – website development and management, social media, designing of product labels and materials as well as contributing to product development. As a student, she is dedicated to learning

and pushing herself and others to new heights.

Sherri provides support on the business side. Her commitment to personal growth and empowerment is an inspiration to those around her, and her enthusiasm for these practices is contagious.


Dani’s experience as a woman with a disability is that often the world limits opportunities and expectations for her. She is committed to promoting inclusivity and equity, recognizing that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. Launching Wilder Living is another example of how she pushes past limiting beliefs and encourages us to dream and live wilder!

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